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Automation Class Course

Automation Weekdays Batch Class Availability: Weekend Mode: Online Trainer Led Duration: 2.5-3 Months (Approx.) Course Content Introduction…

Automation Weekdays Batch

  • Class Availability: Weekend Mode: Online Trainer Led
  • Duration: 2.5-3 Months (Approx.) Course Content

Introduction of Automation Testing

  • What is Automation Testing
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Automation Testing

Master in the Core Java concepts

  • Basic Java
  • JDK installation o Java Compiler and JRE (some supporting java file and JVM) Java is Object Oriented
  • Java is Platform Independent o Why platform independent? Class
  • Object Class o Its super class for all classes Methods
  • Object o Object creation/instantiation
  • Constructor o Type of constructor and constructor chaining
  • Data Types o Primitive (int, char, Boolean etc.) o Not primitive (class, array) Variable Types o Local variables, Instance variables, Class/Static variables Access Modifiers o public, private, protected, default, final, static, abstract etc.
  • Loop Control o for, while, for each, do while
  • Decision Making o if else, nested if else, switch case, continue and break Strings
  • Arrays
  • Object Oriented Concepts Inheritance Polymorphism
  • Overloading o same class and child class Overriding o same class
  • Abstraction Interfaces Encapsulation

Java Collections

  • List Set Map
  • Exceptions
  • Checked Exception o IOException, SQLException Unchecked Exception o ArithmeticException,
  • NullPointerException, ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • Error o OutOfMemoryError How to handle exceptions
  • Master in Selenium Web Driver (Web Application Automation) Selenium Concepts
  • How to Launch Browser with desired URL Web Element Locators
  • How to inspect Web Element
  • Verify Page title in Selenium Web driver Navigation in selenium
  • Radio button and Checkbox in Selenium Web driver Handling Dropdown List
  • Handling Mouse Hover, Keyword Events using Action class                                                                                     Implicit Wait and Explicit Wait (WebDriver Wait)
  • How to take screenshot using selenium    Handling Multiple windows (Window Handling)                       Handling Alert Messages.
  • Handling Iframes.
  • Cross Browsing using selenium
  • Complete details of Dynamic XPath in Selenium Handle Date Picker (Web Tables)
  • How to use Logs File in selenium
  • How to use Properties File in selenium Print all Link available on a page
  • How to run Java Script on Browser using selenium

TestNg Concepts

  • Advantage of using TestNG framework TestNG Annotations
  • Hierarchy of TestNG Annotations    Testing.xml file structure

Maven Concepts

  • Advantage of using Maven What is pom.xml
  • How to link TestNG framework with Maven


Automation Frameworks

  • What is framework Page Object Model Data Driven Framework Cucumber

Report Generation

  • Master in SoapUI (Web API Automation using SoapUI tool) Web services Basics
  • What is web service? Web Service Example
  • Different types of Services: Soap & Rest SOAP UI Details What is SOAP UI?
  • How SOAUI helps in testing of Web Services How to configure services in SOAP UI
  • How to use SOAPUI for Web services Automation Setup Environment
  • Setup SOAPUI Free version
  • Setup SOAPUI Pro version Free SOAP Web services
  • Difference between SOAP and Rest Services Advantages of Rest Services over SOAP Services
  • Properties at different SOAPUI level Global properties
  • Project level property Test Suite level property Test Case level property
  • Different Steps in SOAPUI Delay test Step
  • Groovy Script test Step Property test Step
  • Manual Test Step Run Test Case Step Assertion test Step
  • Parameterization/Data driven test cases Data Source loop using excel file
  • Data Sink Step
  • Data source Loop using Data sink Assertions Contains Assertion
  • Not Contains Assertion Response SLA Assertion Schema Assertion
  • Valid Http Code Assertion Invalid Http Code Assertion
  • XPath Assertion XQuery Assertion
  • Database Connectivity in SOAPUI JDBC Setup
  • Soap Web Service Automation (Framework Creation) Soap Service Automation
  • Rest Service Automation
  • Master in Rest Assured (Web API Automation using Java) Client Server Basics
  • Client Server Architecture and HTTP Protocol HTTP Request
  • HTTP Response
  • RESTful Basics What is REST?
  • Rest Architectural Elements REST API Testing – Basics
  • Configure Eclipse with Rest-Assured REST API Test using Rest Assured
  • Validate Response Status using Rest Assured Validate Response Header using Rest Assured Read JSON Response Body using Rest Assured
  • REST API Testing – Advance
  • GET Request using Rest Assured POST Request using Rest Assured PUT Request using Rest Assured
  • DELETE Request using Rest Assured RESTAPI Testing Framework
  • Complete framework creation using Maven and Jenkins

Master in JMeter (Web API Performance Test Automation) What is API and Performance testing

  • What is Performance Testing
  • Why Performance Testing Techniques of Performance Testing
  • All About API
  • What & types of API’s API Examples
  • Why API Testing is important HTTP Methods
  • HTTP Error Codes

About JMeter

  • What is JMeter Why JMeter Java Installation
  • Installation of JMeter Overview of JMeter
  • Components of JMeter Test Plan
  • Thread Group Sampler Controllers Listeners
  • HTTP Header Manager Pre-Processor
  • Post Processor Parametrization
  • Rest API Handling HTTP Methods Get API
  • Post API     PUT API
  • Delete API
  • Using CSS Data Config Using CSV Data config CSVDataFile
  • Reporting
  • Creating HTML Reports


Master in CI/CD

  • Integration of Git Hub in Automation

Project Integration of Jenkins in Automation Project



  • Introduction
  • Roles
  • Frameworks
  • Scrum Ceremonies
  • Role of Software Testing Professional in Agile



  • Hands-on-lab
  • Study Materials
  • Real-time examples
  • Live projects practice
  • Job Assistance
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Preparation
  • WhatsApp Job Support Group
  • Dedicated Staff during the training program
  • Life Time Classroom Recorded Sessions



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