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Automation Class Course

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Automation Weekdays Batch

Class Availability: Weekend Mode: Online Trainer Led

Duration: 2.5-3 Months (Approx.) Course Content

Introduction of Automation Testing

What is Automation Testing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automation Testing

Master in the Core Java concepts

Basic Java

JDK installation o Java Compiler and JRE (some supporting java file and JVM) Java is Object Oriented

Java is Platform Independent o Why platform independent? Class

Object Class o Its super class for all classes Methods

Object o Object creation/instantiation

Constructor o Type of constructor and constructor chaining

Data Types o Primitive (int, char, Boolean etc.) o Not primitive (class, array) Variable Types o Local variables, Instance variables, Class/Static variables Access Modifiers o public, private, protected, default, final, static, abstract etc.

Loop Control o for, while, for each, do while

Decision Making o if else, nested if else, switch case, continue and break Strings


Object Oriented Concepts Inheritance Polymorphism

Overloading o same class and child class Overriding o same class

Abstraction Interfaces Encapsulation

Java Collections

List Set Map


Checked Exception o IOException, SQLException Unchecked Exception o ArithmeticException,

NullPointerException, ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

Error o OutOfMemoryError How to handle exceptions

Master in Selenium Web Driver (Web Application Automation) Selenium Concepts

How to Launch Browser with desired URL Web Element Locators

How to inspect Web Element

Verify Page title in Selenium Web driver Navigation in selenium

Radio button and Checkbox in Selenium Web driver Handling Dropdown List

Handling Mouse Hover, Keyword Events using Action class                                                                                     Implicit Wait and Explicit Wait (WebDriver Wait)

How to take screenshot using selenium    Handling Multiple windows (Window Handling)                       Handling Alert Messages.

Handling Iframes.

Cross Browsing using selenium

Complete details of Dynamic XPath in Selenium Handle Date Picker (Web Tables)

How to use Logs File in selenium

How to use Properties File in selenium Print all Link available on a page

How to run Java Script on Browser using selenium

TestNg Concepts

Advantage of using TestNG framework TestNG Annotations

Hierarchy of TestNG Annotations    Testing.xml file structure

Maven Concepts

Advantage of using Maven What is pom.xml

How to link TestNG framework with Maven


Automation Frameworks

What is framework Page Object Model Data Driven Framework Cucumber

Report Generation

Master in SoapUI (Web API Automation using SoapUI tool) Web services Basics

What is web service? Web Service Example

Different types of Services: Soap & Rest SOAP UI Details What is SOAP UI?

How SOAUI helps in testing of Web Services How to configure services in SOAP UI

How to use SOAPUI for Web services Automation Setup Environment

Setup SOAPUI Free version

Setup SOAPUI Pro version Free SOAP Web services

Difference between SOAP and Rest Services Advantages of Rest Services over SOAP Services

Properties at different SOAPUI level Global properties

Project level property Test Suite level property Test Case level property

Different Steps in SOAPUI Delay test Step

Groovy Script test Step Property test Step

Manual Test Step Run Test Case Step Assertion test Step

Parameterization/Data driven test cases Data Source loop using excel file

Data Sink Step

Data source Loop using Data sink Assertions Contains Assertion

Not Contains Assertion Response SLA Assertion Schema Assertion

Valid Http Code Assertion Invalid Http Code Assertion

XPath Assertion XQuery Assertion

Database Connectivity in SOAPUI JDBC Setup

Soap Web Service Automation (Framework Creation) Soap Service Automation

Rest Service Automation

Master in Rest Assured (Web API Automation using Java) Client Server Basics

Client Server Architecture and HTTP Protocol HTTP Request

HTTP Response

RESTful Basics What is REST?

Rest Architectural Elements REST API Testing – Basics

Configure Eclipse with Rest-Assured REST API Test using Rest Assured

Validate Response Status using Rest Assured Validate Response Header using Rest Assured Read JSON Response Body using Rest Assured

REST API Testing – Advance

GET Request using Rest Assured POST Request using Rest Assured PUT Request using Rest Assured

DELETE Request using Rest Assured RESTAPI Testing Framework

Complete framework creation using Maven and Jenkins

Master in JMeter (Web API Performance Test Automation) What is API and Performance testing

What is Performance Testing

Why Performance Testing Techniques of Performance Testing

All About API

What & types of API’s API Examples

Why API Testing is important HTTP Methods

HTTP Error Codes

About JMeter

What is JMeter Why JMeter Java Installation

Installation of JMeter Overview of JMeter

Components of JMeter Test Plan

Thread Group Sampler Controllers Listeners

HTTP Header Manager Pre-Processor

Post Processor Parametrization

Rest API Handling HTTP Methods Get API

Post API     PUT API

Delete API

Using CSS Data Config Using CSV Data config CSVDataFile


Creating HTML Reports


Master in CI/CD

Integration of Git Hub in Automation

Project Integration of Jenkins in Automation Project



  • Introduction
  • Roles
  • Frameworks


  • Scrum Ceremonies
  • Role of Software Testing Professional in Agile



  • Hands-on-lab
  • Study Materials
  • Real-time examples
  • Live projects practice
  • Job Assistance
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Preparation
  • WhatsApp Job Support Group
  • Dedicated Staff during the training program
  • Life Time Classroom Recorded Sessions


  • Course Completion Certificate


Good For

Testing Professionals, Developers, and Professionals looking for Automation


Then this course will help you get all the fundamentals of Procedural PHP, Object Oriented PHP, MYSQLi and ending the course by building a CMS system similar to WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.
Knowing PHP has allowed me to make enough money to stay home and make courses like this one for students all over the world. Being a PHP developer can allow anyone to make really good money online and offline, developing dynamic applications.
Knowing PHP will allow you to build web applications, websites or Content Management systems, like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or even Google.
There is no limit to what you can do with this knowledge. PHP is one of the most important web programming languages to learn, and knowing it, will give you SUPER POWERS in the web development world and job market place.
Because Millions of websites and applications (the majority) use PHP. You can find a job anywhere or even work on your own, online and in places like freelancer or Odesk. You can definitely make a substantial income once you learn it.
I will not bore you 🙂
I take my courses very seriously but at the same time I try to make it fun since I know how difficult learning from an instructor with a monotone voice or boring attitude is. This course is fun, and when you need some energy to keep going, you will get it from me.
My Approach
Practice, practice and more practice. Every section inside this course has a practice lecture at the end, reinforcing everything with went over in the lectures. I also created a small application the you will be able to download to help you practice PHP. To top it off, we will build and awesome CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the fundamentals of healthy dieting (calories, protein, carbs, fat, vitamins & minerals)
  • Create a diet that is perfect for your needs and lifestyle
  • Learn when, what and how much you should eat for optimal body composition
  • Build more muscle by optimizing your meal plan
  • Lose fat faster by optimizing your meal plan
  • Improve immunity and energy levels with the right vitamins and minerals

Course Curriculum

Advance Concepts

Basic Concepts

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